Artificial Vision Technology

Since its inception in 1999 Mobileye has led the way in
machine vision technology for mono-cameras, supplying
global vehicle manufacturers with the core
System-on-Chip designed to specification for vision based

Mobileye’s key breakthrough was the realization that all
the desired functions could run from the input of the
mono-camera, pioneering a new path in machine vision
technology. At the time, all other automotive suppliers
were focused on stereo vision or alternative technologies
such as radar.
This realization was a revolutionary leap in the market in
1999. Today Mobileye continues to lead the field of mono
vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Mobileye high-definition sensor works as a “third eye” that
watches and recognizes objects on the road, such as
other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians, and can even
detect lane markings as well as traffic signs.

These intelligent capabilities enable the system not only
to warn of impending accidents, but also to identify what
type of accidents, empowering drivers to employ decisive
correction to avoid the incident altogether.
Informed by over a decade of expertly applied research
and development, Mobileye is the world’s choice for
collision avoidance.

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