Traditionally, automobile manufacturers have seen vehicle
safety from a post-collision perspective. They’ve
equipped their models with vital solutions that have no
doubt saved countless lives. But collision avoidance is the
new frontier in vehicle safety, empowering drivers with
intelligent tools for preventing collisions from happening.
If drivers can successfully avoid collisions, then the
seatbelts and airbags we’ve come to rely on become
secondary prevention measures.
No question, they remain essential equipment, but there’s
just no substitute for a safety tool that helps you avoid the
That’s the beauty of Mobileye collision avoidance technology. By
seeing and recognizing other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on
the road, even lane markings and traffic signs, the Mobileye
system literally “thinks ahead” and warns drivers of potential
hazards before they have a chance to occur. Forward collisions,
exceeding the speed limit, lane veering, headway monitoring and
more — audio and visual alerts warn drivers and provide them with
ample time to react. Mobileye’s artificial vision-based collision
avoidance system assists both seasoned drivers and new drivers to
keep an “extra eye” on the road, which is why millions of drivers
worldwide utilize our life-saving technology. That’s the kind of
solution that saves lives.
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The Mobileye 5-Series is a revolutionary line of Advanced Driver
Assistance Systems products.

In addition to the wide range of driver safety solutions, the Mobileye 5-Series
is integrated with Bluetooth connectivity. The Mobileye 5-Series provides the
driver with audio-visual warning in critical real-time through Mobileye’s
Smartphone Application.

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Mobileye Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Mobileye LDW alerts the driver with visual and
audio warnings when there is an unintentional
deviation from the driving lanes.
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Mobileye Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW)
Mobileye HMW helps the driver keep a safe following
distance from the vehicle ahead and alerts the driver
with visual and audio warnings.
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Mobileye Forward Collision Warning (FCW),
including Motorcycle Detection
Mobileye FCW alerts the driver of an imminent
collision with a vehicle or motorcycle that is ahead,
up to 2.7 seconds before a collision, allowing
enough time to react and avoid collision.
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Mobileye Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW),
including Bicycle Detection
Mobileye PCW alerts the driver, during daytime, with
visual and audio warnings up to 2 seconds before an
imminent collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist.
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Mobileye Urban Forward Collision
Warning (uFCW)
Mobileye uFCW provides low speed ‘bumper to
bumper’ collision alerts. These occur most
frequently at traffic lights, junctions, queues and
roundabouts. uFCW is described as a ‘virtual
bumper’ extending about 2 meters in front
of your vehicle
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Mobileye Intelligent High-Beam Control (IHC)
Mobileye IHC automatically raises and lowers the high
beam without inconveniencing on-coming or preceding
Depending on the vehicle being installed.
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Mobileye Speed Limit indication (SLI)
Mobileye SLI recognises speed limit signs
(including electronic signs and supplementary
signs), “reads” the speed limit on the sign and
communicates it via Mobileye’s EyeWatch display.
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Mobileye Shield+ is the most advanced collision avoidance system
available on the market for trucks, buses and commercial vehicles; it
can be retrofitted to any vehicle. It supports the targets of the Vision
Zero Initiative.

This revolutionary driver assistance technology empowers drivers to avoid and mitigate
imminent collisions, protecting the most vulnerable and difficult to observe road users:
cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Mobileye's original safety solution includes strategically placed multi-vision smart
cameras and interior display modules that alert the driver both visually and audibly if a
pedestrian or cyclist is in the driver’s blind spot.


Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning (Mobileye PCW)
Forward Collision Warning (Mobileye FCW)
Headway Monitoring Warning (Mobileye HMW)
Lane Departure Warning (Mobileye LDW)
Speed Limit Indicator (SLI)

Unlike other collision detection systems, Mobileye's smart solution uses
award-winning image recognition software to reduce unnecessary warnings, which
can desensitize drivers over time; Mobileye Shield + only alerts drivers if a collision
is imminent with vulnerable road users, not inanimate objects

In addition, this solution includes a full telematics system which tracks the vehicle
and reports all warnings made by the Mobileye System to your fleet management
system, providing fleet managers with valuable information about their drivers’
daily driving behavior.

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